Mahogany carver

Mahogany has been the wood of choice when creating fine furniture for more than four hundred years. Originally native to Central and South America mahogany was exported to Europe for use by cabinet makers throughout the continent and England. Prized for it’s beautiful graining and resistance to rot mahogany also became the material of choice for furniture building in the coastal cities of the United States of America beginning in the eighteenth century. Fine examples of the workmanship from that era can still be found on display in major museums in Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston.

The solid mahogany that we use at Niagara Furniture is plantation grown in Indonesia. Dutch colonists originally brought the mahogany to Indonesia and the plantations that exist there today are managed by the government in a sustainable fashion. Niagara is proud to be certified by the Indonesian government as a legal producer of furniture using sustainably harvested mahogany logs. Our mahogany veneers are hand selected by Niagara factory director Jeff Meighan who travels extensively to find the best quality cuts of wood to create the beautiful grain patterns found on the large surfaces of our items.

Mahogany lumber