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Teak Rootball Tractor Seat :: NMSC129


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From Niagara Furniture, an excellent addition to any garden, a Teak Rootball Tractor Seat. Created by hand from the roots of a teak tree this seat is both decorative and practical. Each seat is unique in that it is sculpted around the way that the teak root has formed in the ground, giving each one an individual sculptural quality all of their own. The top of the ball has been shaped like a tractor seat providing a comfortable place to be seated . At home in the garden this Teak Rootball Tractor Seat would also be a welcome addition indoors in many different settings in the home.

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Measures Approximately 21″ diameter x 14″h

Weight approximately 80 lbs

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Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 24w x 24d x 16h in