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Vintage Massive Live Edge Tree Root Sculpture :: NVIN0319


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Brought to you by Niagara Furniture, a Vintage Massive Live Edge Tree Root Sculpture. An absolute masterpiece from every angle this naturally occurring sculpture is a beauty to behold from every direction. With its almost endless crevices, hole and and fissures this piece would be a conversation starter in any setting. The light catching every angle throughout the day makes it appear like a shapeshifter while remaining motionless. Please note the small wax seal shown in the final photo, we are not certain what this represents but if someone is familiar with it please let us know!

The Vintage Massive Live Edge Tree Root Sculpture is in excellent condition and ready to grace almost any setting in your home.


Measures 56w x 35d x 42h

Additional information

Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 35w x 56d x 42h in